Ferquently Asked Questions.

Q: What payment methods do you use to pay your affiliates?
A: We can pay by Bank transfer (SEPA and Wire transfer) and Paxum.

Q: Do you pay by PayPal?
A: No, we don't pay by PayPal.

Q: Is the payout free of charge?
A: Payouts by Paxum are free of charge. In the case of Wire transfer the affiliate pays the tranfer's costs (it is approximately 10-30 euros, depends on your bank). SEPA transfers are free of charge.

Q: Do you send payments in Euros or US dollars?
A: Our affiliate system counts sales in euros but all payments to webmasters (except SEPA transfer) are made un US$. SEPA payments are made in euros.

Q: Usually I earn only 100-150 euros per month and get the payout to my bank account. The transfer cost takes 15-20% of my earnings.
A: You can set a payout limit higher than 100 EUR. Just go to "Profile - Edit" and change the statement minimum to a higher value.

Q: Do you have a referral program?
A: Yes, we have. We pay 5% to the referring webmaster. To obtain your referral link code, please, go to "Link Codes - Banners" in our admin panel and select "Webmaster Referral" in the "site" pull-down menu.

Q: Where can I download free content for propmotion?
A: To download promo photos, please, login to the main admin panel and go to "Tools - Picture sets".
To download promo video, please login here (please, log in to the admin-panel to get the password).

Q: The link "Tools - Hosted Galleries" in your control-panel doesn't show any galleries.
A: Our FHG-generator is located here.

Q: I don't want to generate each free hosted gallery one by one. Can I generate all galleries by one click?
A: You can create galleries for all our picture sets just by one click (currently it means 135 galleries for defloration.tv and 25 for flexyteens.com but we are adding new sets constantly).
To use this feature follow these easy steps:
1. Login to our FHG-generator.
2. Select which our site you want to promote (Gallery type: Defloration or Gymnastics).
3. Check the "Make galleries for all picture sets" check-box.
4. Click on the "Create" button.

Q: How can I obtain a link code?
A: To obtain a link-code go to "Link Codes -> Banners", select "Text link" as type and the desired site from the pull-down list. Text link is the default link for each site but you can also use codes for graphical banners to track visitors from different sources.

Q: How can I track visitors and sales from different sources?
A: In "Link Codes -> Banners" you can get several different link codes to the same site, so you can use a different code for each your banner or site. Also you can use Trackers for this. Just add "&tracking=ID" at the end of your link code. ID should be an integer number. Then you can view statistics on different trackers in "Statistics -> Trackers".