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Promotional Content

We provide to our webmasters 4 kinds of promo content:

- Photo sets
- Banners
- FHG generator
- Video clips


The Photo-sets can be downloaded through the "Tools - Picture sets" menu in our admin-panel.

To download our promo Photo-sets login to our admin panel and select
"Tools -> Picture sets " from the menu.

To get our banners select "Banners - Search" in the admin panel.

FHG generator

Using our generator you can create free hosted galleries as many as you want. You can choose between 20 domains and more than 10 templates. You can create galleries for all our picture sets just by one click! Currently it means 400 galleries for and 80 for (but we are adding new sets constantly).
To use this feature follow these easy steps:
1. Login to our FHG-generator.
2. Select which our website you want to promote (Gallery type: Gymnastics or UnderWater).
3. Check the "Make galleries for all picture sets" check-box.
4. Click on the "Create" button.

Optionally you can change other settings (the domain where galleries
will be located, gallery template, page title, keywords, recips, etc.)

click here to enter - Note, the FHG-generator is located outside of our admin-panel!

If you have any problem accessing our generator, please, contact our
Technical Support.

Promotional Video Clips

You can use these clips to create Movie Galleries. You can find the current username/password inside our admin-panel.

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